T-Link™ Technology

Beyond Limits

T-Link™ is our advanced engineering thermoplastic resin that combines superior adhesion with the processing characteristics of a thermoplastic.


Enhanced material performance

Structural Rigidity

  • High-stiffness matrix material that remains impact resistant when consolidated into continuous fiber composites
  • Can be co-processed with ballistic materials such as glass, para-aramids, and UHMW-PE to increase performance and rigidity
Weight reduction

Reduced weight
and profile

  • Allows for materials with lower ply count, hence reducing weight and profile thickness
Processing ease

Cost and
time savings

  • Does not require refrigeration
  • Reduces the layup and process time resulting in lower labor costs
  • Lower processing temperatures won’t damage natural fibers
Expanded manufacturing possibilities

in design

  • Transparent, pigmentable, and recyclable
  • Can be co-molded with dissimilar materials
  • Superior bond strength to a wide range of substrates

Product Portfolio

T-Link™ is available in a range of melt viscosities, enabling a tailor-made solution in multiple forms*, including resin pellets, transparent film, expanded film, monofilament, multifilament, coated yarns, powder, fiber veil, and unidirectional composite/tape.

* Some T-Link™ technologies in this overview are still in development phase.


Create stronger reinforcement

T-Link™ comes in pellet form and is both injection moldable and extrudable. The recyclable resin is typically used in other formulations as a toughener. T-Link™ is unique in that it has a high strain-to-failure and exhibits excellent adhesive properties.

These attributes make T-Link™ resin an ideal solution for composite manufacturers that are seeking a highly customizable composite reinforcement that will be strong and not suffer from brittle failure.


Dry-to-the-touch for easy handling

T-Link™ film is a dry-to-the-touch, engineered thermoplastic adhesive that demonstrates 99 percent optical clarity. As a result, it does not disrupt intended color and allows for light transmission where applicable.

T-Link™ film can be processed with traditional press equipment and provides a short cycle time for bonding. It does not require refrigeration and has a long shelf life. Additionally, it has a low odor and is both paintable and pigmentable.


Reinforcement for textile applications

The novel T-Link™ yarn is used as a vehicle to introduce a resin into an advanced composite fabric in order to achieve lightweight, high strength, and toughness. It can effectively be co-woven or sewn into textile applications to make a dry thermoplastic composite with targeted and precise control of resin content.

T-Link™ yarn allows for ease of use and reduces the time and labor involved in applying a wet resin system and the subsequent curing of the thermoset resin.


Create stronger composite reinforcement

You can use T-Link™ in powder form as binder resin for textile and nonwoven industry, or as the particulate heat activated adhesive for composite manufacturing. Our resin is unique in that it has a high strain-to-failure up to 40 percent and exhibits excellent adhesive properties.

The recyclable T-Link™ powder offers a particle size distribution of 200-450 microns with an average of 300 microns and has a long shelf life.

Fiber veil

Lightweight adhesive layer for stability

T-Link™ fiber veil is a dry-to-the-touch, engineered thermoplastic adhesive that demonstrates 99 percent optical clarity, therefore, does not disrupt intended color and allows for light transmission where applicable.

T-Link™ fiber veil has a lower areal weight than T-Link™ film, but also offers a short cycle time for bonding, does not require refrigeration, and has a long shelf life. The fiber veil can be used as a stabilizing layer for unidirectional tapes.

Unidirectional composite/tape

Thin and lightweight selective reinforcement

T-Link™ can be used as the matrix resin that impregnates with the fiber to produce unidirectional composites/tapes for selective reinforcement. It is compatible with a variety of structural reinforcement fibers, such as aramid, glass, carbon, etc.

The composite/tape can be used as a selective reinforcement to improve tensile strength and stiffness in one direction while adding minimum thickness and weight.


Being an advanced versatile thermoplastic matrix resin, T-Link™ can be used to create lightweight, highly customizable composite structures that empower performance with processibility in a wide range of markets and potential applications.

Engineered confidence

Enabling lightweight and durability for Armor

  • Headborne protection
  • Ballistic shields
  • Hard body armor inserts
  • Vehicle armor

Intelligent interlacing

Enhanced performance for sporting goods

  • Transparent composite layering
    (e. g. snow skis/snowboards)
  • Personal protection
    (e. g. football/hockey helmets, shin guards)
  • Equipment handles
    (e. g. tennis or lacrosse shafts, hockey sticks and blades)

Lightweight and structural rigidity for Automotive

  • Composite structures by compression molding
    (e. g. carbon weave roof molding)
  • Bonding
    (e. g. interior trim parts)
  • Structural reinforcement
    (e. g. composite frames for head rests)

Structural reinforcement for Aerospace

  • Point load enhancement by structural reinforcement
    (e. g. floorboards)

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