Beyond Limits


T-Link® is our advanced engineering thermoplastic adhesive for ultimate performance and processability.

The T-Link® Difference


High strength and rigidity


High strain-to-failure
ratio of up to 40%


processability & performance

Cost and Time Savings
  • Dry to the touch for easy processing
  • Strategic use reduces waste in processing compared to wet layup systems
  • Does not require refrigeration
  • Long shelf life
  • Reduces layup and process time resulting in lower labor costs
Enhanced Structural Rigidity
  • A matrix material with a high elastic modulus that remains impact-resistant when consolidated into continuous fiber composites
  • Can be co-processed with materials such as glass, aramids, and some UHMW-PE to increase performance and rigidity
Reduced Weight and Profile
  • Some materials created with
 T-Link® allow for a lower ply count, potentially reducing weight and profile thickness
Flexibility in Design
  • Transparent, pigmentable, and recyclable
  • Can be co-processed with dissimilar materials
  • Super bond strength to a wide range of substrates
  • Lower processing temperatures won't damage natural fibers


Enhanced durability and performance for
lightweight composite structures

T-Link® can be used to create lightweight, highly customizable composite structures that empower performance with processibility in a wide range of markets and potential applications.


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